Pavel Puchkin

Russia, VladivostokKaliningrad

I am interested in artificial intelligence and artificial life (especially in computer games) and in neurobiology (regarding intelligence amplification and brain-computer interfaces). I am open to job offers in any of those fields.

Professional career:

  1.  – … Alert Logic (remote)

    Security as a Service.
    Erlang/OTP, AWS.

  2.  –  DealerSocket (Kaliningrad)

    Support of the old and development of the new modular website platform for the US and Canadian auto dealers.
    PHP/Symfony, Python, Lua/OpenResty, Celery, Sphinx, Redis, MySQL, AWS, Serverless, Docker.

  3.  –  МОНАСТЫРЁВ.рф (Vladivostok)

    Websites development for different branches of that, initially pharmaceutical, holding. Data exchange between wholesale and retail information systems, automated testing introduction, propaganda of git instead of subversion...
    Python/Django, PHP/Laravel 3/4, MySQL/MariaDB, InterSystems Caché, MSSQL, PostgreSQL.

  4.  –  Holiday Autos Asia (remote)

    This used to be a startup with the idea to bring Holiday Autos company services (vehicles rental) to the Asian market, especially to China. I was working on backend system support and also on integration between websites of other offices (South Africa, France) with our backend.
    Python/Django, MySQL, AWS.